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All of the dogs below are available for adoption. Please contact Animal Control at 540-775-2120 or email for more information. You can also check our Facebook for more updated information! 


Timon, Male
Intake Date: 7-1-23-2 

Timon came to us as a stray that was picked up on the side of the road then brought to the shelter. He was very shy at first then has been slowly warming up to certain staff and volunteers here at the shelter. He does need time to get to know you before you can handle him. Timon is one of a kind he definitely shows the traits of a German Shepherd. He always has the side head tilt when he seems confused and or there is a new sound he has never heard before. Does need to take some time to warm up to you before walking him and petting him. Timon has not had his heartworm test due to him not liking us trying to draw his blood. He has had dhpp shot. 

Gaia 6.23

Gaia, Female 
Intake Date: 10/20/2021

 A fun-loving little girl who would love to be part of your family. Listens very well. She has been here for a very long time and now believes the shelter is her home. We are still hoping for her to get a home soon  Excellent on the leash. She loves her toys. Dog selective. Has had DHPP
Photo credit to Katelyn Reed 


Bane, Male (Neutered) 
Intake Date: 1/26/22

Bane came in with Harley in the same situation. Once we get his weight back up, we believe he is going to be a beefy boy! For now, he is doing well and eating great. Will provide better pictures when available. Unsure on Dog/Cat test. Negative for everything. DHPP Given
Photo credit to Katelyn Reed 

Sasha 6.23

Sasha, Female 
Intake Date: 1/18/2023

Sasha came in as a stray and sadly was never redeemed by an owner. She has been an amazing dog and does great with kids. Super friendly and listens to some basic commands. The estimated age is 3 years old and she, unfortunately, has tested positive for heartworms. Does not have DHPP. Unsure on other dogs/cats 
Photo credit to Katelyn Reed 

chaos 6.23

Chaos, Male 
Intake Date: 1/24/2023

Chaos was brought to our shelter due to his original owner sadly passing away. Not much is known about Chaos as far as medical information, but from what we do know is he is a big friendly boy.  He does appear to have been mostly an outside dog, but does not mean he can be a happy indoor pup. Estimated age of 10 years old, he still seems to have tons of energy in him. Unknown behavior with dogs/cats. !st DHPP given 3/7/23
Photo credit to Katelyn Reed 

zeus 6.23.2zeus 6.23

Zeus, Male (Neutered) 
Intake Date: 3/18/23 

Zeus was brought to the shelter less than 7 hours after he was adopted from another county. He is a sweet lovable pup that has a mind of a puppy. He is estimated to be about 1 year old and friendly to all. We are unsure how he is with cats, but he is dog selective.
Photo credit to Katelyn Reed 


Grayson, Female 
Intake Date: 7-18-23-1

Grayson has not been tested with dogs or cats yet but does love everyone she meets. She does like to be walked and brushed. Once all tired out she becomes a couch potato. Grayson has had one litter of puppies and she had them she became aggressive towards anyone that came around, at the shelter she has shown no signs of aggression towards anyone. Grayson has not been heartworm tested or given shots yet

gypsy 6.23

Gypsy, Female 
Intake Date: 5/23/23

Gypsy was surrendered after an incident with another dog in her home. She is friendly with people but cannot be in a home with other animals. She has been great with everyone that she meets and loves to go on walks or just cuddle with volunteers. She is estimated to be about 3 years old and around 60lbs. Negative for HW, No DHPP
Photo credit to Katelyn Reed 


Eleven, Male
Intake Date: 2-24-23-2

Eleven came to us as a stray possibly from a hunting club due to the number 11 on his side marking him so they could possibly keep track of the number of dogs they have out. Eleven is very vocal and you definitely know when he is around. He is very vocal when he meets anyone and when he gets comfortable with you. He will lay and rub all over you. Eleven has been heartworm tested and is negative he also has had his shots. 

Dolly, Female
Intake Date: 8-16-23-2 

Dolly came in as a stray and was covered in fleas, but from the very first moment has been a sweet and loving girl. She just wants a loving home.  Dolly is going to need a special family to give her the love and care she needs. Dolly has tested positive for Heartworms, Lyme, and Ehrlichia.

Max, Male
Intake Date: 8-15-23-3

Max does not like to be restrained and poked with needles. He is very outgoing and likes to run and play. Max had his heartworm test and came back negative for all. He also had his distemper shots as well.

Gloria, Female

Intake Date: 7-7-23-1 

Gloria has been tested for heartworms and has had her distemper shot. She came in with bad skin and since then her skin issue is clearing up and looking good with medicine and baths.  All she wants to do when she his done with her running and playing around it to just lay all of you.